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total home care set

This set has it ALL!

This item is out of stock
daily cleaning set

All you need to keep on top of dust, spills and fingerprints.

ecloth deep clean mop best washable microfiber mop

e-cloth ® voted Best Washable Mop by REALSIMPLE magazine!

flexi-edge floor and wall duster

The ULTIMATE Dust Mop!

total floor care pack

2 Mops, 1 Great Price!

Was: $88.96
Now: $69.99
ecloth basic cleaning set

The Perfect Companion for our Home Cleaning Set

Was: $91.93
Now: $69.99
ecloth floor cleaning set

For those of you with lots of floor to mop!

Was: $81.96
Now: $59.99
ecloth real simple dream set

This is a CRAZY low price!

Was: $111.91
Now: $79.99
e-cloth wet mop microfiber head

E-cloth Deep Clean Damp Mop Pad will clean ANY hard surface floor like it's never been cleaned before!

e-cloth dry dust mop head

Pick up pet hair and the smallest particles of dust and dirt - even dry wall dust - from your floors, walls and celings!

Flexi-edge Floor & Wall Duster Head

New! The Ultimate Floor & Baseboard Duster

ecloth mop pads 2 pack

Cheaper together than separate.